Litter Plans

We have 2018 litter plans! 

Please feel free to email me about the terms of purchasing a CanyonView Sheltie puppy.  


When you live with a Sheltie you are responsible for exercising their mind & body.      

We do not board, groom or handle dogs for other people, this is our hobby, not a business. 
The number of dogs we keep is small, this will never change.

No kennel building here, all our dogs & puppies live in our home, which your can see on our website. 

Our puppies receive a vet health check, CKC ISO Microchip identified, age appropriate vaccination & worming. All puppies go on a CKC Non-breeding contract.

Taking a puppy into your life is a serious decision. If you are interested in a Sheltie from us, please tell us about your family, your experience with dogs, if you currently have any pets, anything that will help us choose a dog who is a good fit for you. 

                                            We require spay/neutering & a securely fenced yard.

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